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Which professional plastic tile factory have?

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  Zhangzhou sanlong environmental protection building materials co., LTD. (formerly shishi city chengxin plastic products co., LTD.) after years of research and development of increasingly mature, with the most advanced production equipment and professional talents. Is a focus on the PVC plastic tile development, production, sales and service as one of the enterprises. The main products include PVC trapezoidal wave tile, PVC, PVC plate, PVC, PVC transparent watts water tank (accessories), transparent PVC composite board, PC show watts, tablet PC board, PC sunshine board, endurance of PET, PET transparent tile etc.
Product has: color lasting, excellent load resistance, sound insulation effect is good, excellent corrosion resistance, fire resistance, impact resistance, good low temperature resistance, self cleaning performance is excellent, excellent waterproof performance, insulation, thermal insulation, heat insulation performance is excellent, fast installation and green environmental protection, etc.

Name: zhangzhou sanlong environmental protection building materials co., LTD
Address: zhangzhou jiaomei town of the Taiwanese investment zone fulong industrial park

Telephone: 0596-6118005
Fax: 0596-6118058