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The thermal stability of plastic pipes is constantly improving

release time : 2019-04-29  view count : 620 次

  Plastic pipe material is a kind of building materials that applies more now, its characteristic is quality is lighter, installation is more convenient, this also is the mainest reason that gets wide approbate, the stable performance on thermal stability got the attention of the personage inside and outside the line additionally.

  It is necessary to test the thermal stability of plastics

  For example, the thermal stability of polyethylene water supply pipes and buried pipes for gas use are generally investigated by the method of oxidation induction period, that is, the oxidation induction period of 200 degrees for pipes is more than 20 minutes.But the general cold and hot water conveying system pipe fittings are generally at 110 degrees, under a certain pressure after more than 8,700 hours of hydrostatic test.The test medium conditions are also the most stringent in the hydrostatic test. The medium in the pipe is water, and the outside is air.All kinds of pipes, the pressure requirements will be different.Because of recent management on PP mute tube strength is big, industry internal quality requirements in raising, most people would agree with the hot and cold water pipes to 1000 hours of hydrostatic test, but on the international standard and is formulating the national standard, more than 8700 hours of heat stability test on all aspects is very necessary.

  The thermal stability of plastic pipes is needed to transport hot water

  And, now a lot of a drain or other pipelines of water has a certain temperature, such as washing the dishes of water in winter, and the other to boil the water, has a relatively high temperature, if the thermal stability is more bad of the plastic pipe, it will cause pipeline softening, expansion, appear slack, bring some damage to property.Additional some conduit are used to convey hot water directly, say to be to convey the hot water that water heater comes out for instance.

  Therefore, the application of plastic pipes and its thermal stability is very important, and in the current expansion of the demand for hot water pipeline, plastic pipe thermal stability is particularly important.