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Our country plastic pipe material enters rapid development

release time : 2019-04-29  view count : 586 次

  In recent years, due to the impact of the countrys macroeconomic development, the development of the plastic pipe industry is very fast.In 2011, Chinas total plastic pipe production has reached 10 million tons, and it is likely to reach 13.2 million tons in 2015.The market share of all kinds of plastic pipes has exceeded half and is still in a stable development period.

  In the 12th five-year plan, Chinas plastic pipe industry has had a lot of highlights, all kinds of construction projects and municipal projects need this kind of pipe, but in a short period of time to produce regulatory pressure.Chinas construction support for water conservancy projects is very strong, with an average annual investment of 400 billion yuan, which has played a very big role in stimulating the demand for plastic pipes.Now the rural area drinking water project construction and building materials to the countryside, also expand the demand for plastic pipes, and the rural market is not a large untapped space.In addition to water, gas and heating systems are also driving demand for plastic pipes.Chinas current plastic pipe materials are mainly PVC polyvinyl chloride, PE polyethylene and PP polypropylene these three.At present, PVC pipe has a very large market share, and with the change of consumption structure, in the future development of pipe PP, PE and other demand for these pipes will be further increased.

  Because have good policy delimit, plastic conduit material industry got rapid development, the manufacturer that produces plastic conduit material alas also is to increase ceaselessly, and a lot of manufacturer had had certain dimensions and production capacity, obtained good gain.The market competition is more and more intense, plastic pipe manufacturers in the process of development need to further improve the technical level and scale, improve the competitive strength, can have the dominant power in the current market development of the key period, to achieve greater development.