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PVC drainage pipes have advantages over cast iron drainage

release time : 2019-04-29  view count : 641 次

  The type of drainpipe in project construction has a lot of, now drainpipe is commonly PP capable person is qualitative, perhaps be PVC capable person is qualitative, replaced on the world end to use more cast iron drainpipe, what advantage does that PVC drainpipe and cast iron pipe compare to rise to have?

  1, the pipe quality is light, construction is relatively easy

  The cast iron pipe weight that USES before is compared in, and the working procedure when installing is more, construction rises not only content is much, and want very long time, let construction efficiency drop apparently a lot of.But the biggest characteristic of PVC drainpipe when quality is very light, it is the 5th of cast iron pipe, it is ok to want him to carry only when installation, need not use a tool, and what it USES is socket type dissolves stick interface, need not use a lot of interface, the step of installation was little a lot of.

  2. Excellent drainage performance

  Compared with cast iron pipe, plastic pipe water capacity is much higher, if you want to pass the same amount of water, PVC drainage pipe diameter can be much smaller, or can reduce the smaller slope, improve the use of the building function.

  3, beautiful appearance, and economic

  Because PVC pipe material is lighter, so the transport cost will be much less.And outside it is white, do not yo undertake anticorrosive processing, the case that falls off without rusting of cast iron pipe in that way happens, installed good later also need not often come to maintain, advantage is apparent, clean additionally rise also very convenient, improved living working environment, also convenient property management.

  4. Good social benefits and physical and chemical properties

  Now steel is a very scarce material, can use PVC drainage pipe to replace, reduce the energy consumption when steelmaking, can reduce the damage to the environment, social benefits are obvious.PVC pipe is a thermoplastic products, not easy to be burned, stable chemical properties, can be used for 50 years, in the anti-corrosion and anti-aging ability to do better.