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Resin tile of three co-extrusion process

release time : 2019-04-29  view count : 595 次

  Synthetic resin tile three co-extrusion process technology has been mature, the use of imported equipment, three kinds of materials are respectively (1, strong aging resistance.2. Strong impact resistance.3, strong fatigue resistance and long life.Their properties are coextruded together to form a high performance synthetic resin tile or plastic steel tile.Replace the original defective products such as color steel tile.The following synthetic resin tile company introduced synthetic resin tile several co-extrusion technology.Multi-component composite products can be prepared by many methods, and co-extrusion is the most convenient method.It has become one of the most advanced plastic molding processing methods.The polymer co-extrusion process is a process in which several extruders are used to feed different melt flows and multiple layers of composite products are produced by co-extrusion in a compound head.

  It can make the multilayer materials with different characteristics in the process of extrusion composite together, make the excellent characteristics of products with different materials, complement each other in feature, and the performance and appearance, special requirements such as blocking ability of anti oxygen and well protected against dampness, shading, heat preservation, thermal forming and thermal bonding ability, and the mechanical properties such as strength, stiffness, hardness.These multilayer composite materials with comprehensive properties have wide application value in many fields.

  In addition, it can greatly reduce the cost of products, simplify the process, reduce equipment investment, composite process without solvents, do not produce three waste materials.Therefore, co-extrusion technology is widely used in the production of composite film, sheet, pipe, profile and wire and cable. 

  Zhangzhou sanlong environmental protection building materials co., ltd. was established in 1999, has more than ten years of production experience.Company and production, research and development, sales in one, is a professional roofing materials enterprises.

  Our products include: PVC anti-corrosion tile and plate series, synthetic resin glazed tile series, APVC composite anti-corrosion tile series, ASA composite tile series, lighting board series and other series.Products in addition to occupy the domestic market, but also exported to the world, by the users trust and welcome!