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The company specializes in the production of PVC corrugated tile

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  Our factory is an enterprise focusing on the production, development and sales of PVC corrugated tiles.Welcome new and old customers call us to discuss business.Long-term sales of PVC plastic tile, PVC corrugated tile,

  Top ten, with everything:

  I. large-size design and patented technology. When customers purchase products here, they will spend the least capital and build the largest area

  Second, is a refractory material, strong flame retardant, fire resistance is the best

  Three, excellent lighting performance, make the environment more bright and clean, saving the most power

  Four, acid, alkali resistance never rust, resistance to chemical corrosion the best

 Five, low noise, because of its unique material, the storm days, the lowest noise

  Good heat insulation, heat transfer resistance, fast heat dissipation, making the working environment the most comfortable

  Seven, weather resistance can be good, and color steel tile, galvanized tile life more than 3 times, the longest service life

  8. Material is light, tough, easy to handle, time-saving, labor-saving, high efficiency, easy to construct

  Nine, does not contain the asbestos tile material ingredient, is harmless to the human and livestock, does not have the carcinogenic substance release, most environmental protection

  X. suitable for workshop, warehouse, trade market, coaming, wall body, shop, heat insulation shed, etc.

PVC trapezoidal tile product advantage: super large specification tile design, so that you use the least money to do the biggest thing.